November - The Calendar Horribilis

November - The Calendar Horribilis

November- The Calendar Horribilis

Not only did Julius Caesar bring us the Julian calendar adding a day to February every four years, but he was also responsible for adding the months July and August.

At the same time, he really could have done everybody living in the northern hemisphere a favour by removing the month of November. At least October would have morphed seamlessly into December.

I am genetically an outdoor person and totally love every season for what it delivers, but November! What’s that all about?

I’ve tried to understand November but failed on every occasion. I always start this particular 'pain in the butt' month by inwardly saying to myself “please November, just for once be lovely”

As far as I can see, November is only good for the fact that it is the anniversary of the ending of WW1. It can also be useful if you happen to have been born under the Scorpio/Sagittarius star signs and your birthday falls within this month, and last but not least, the Brussels Sprout season is well and truly under way.

I’m more than mindful of the fact that I for one am very well on the wrong side of 40 and shouldn’t be wishing time away, but don’t you just hate November?

There’s nothing much in the garden of real interest, fallen leaf everywhere making a mess, it’s normally wet or at least damp and cloudy, rarely mild and of course, the days are short.

November is part of the year’s journey, I get that, but I often feel myself just wanting to pull over at this point in the trip, reach for the vitamin D and go into hibernation.

I dread its arrival, and celebrate its departure.

Having had my November rant, I have decided because time is such a rare commodity, to embrace this particular month and I am encouraging as many of you as possible to join me on my personal quest.

I have decided on a 3 point strategy:

1. Be mindful of what is left of autumn

2. Make my own autumnal  wall art

3. Practise the Danish Art of Hygge (for the non Danish amongst us, pronounced ‘hooga’)

Yes indeedy, we are going Viking, make the long ships ready!

So here we go, a hater of November, taking it for the team.

Let’s begin with the easy one, a typical English autumn. It’s guaranteed every year and there is one happening near you right now. If you don’t happen to live in the country side or next to the forest, make a concerted effort to get your boots on and go find some ‘autumn’ this weekend.

Autumn, as a whole, is without doubt my 2nd favourite season after summer. It brings a welcome relief from the occasional summer heat and I welcome the first frost. The colours and hues of nature’s palette are quite remarkable as deciduous plant life goes into reverse gear.

Both Chris and I are lucky enough to work outdoors year round so we get to witness it at first hand.

For those of you that can’t make autumn this year, check out some of the scenes we get every day at this time of year.

Be mindful of autumn and suck up everything it offers. What’s more, it’s for free.

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